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At Los Gatos Community Dental, we provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for Los Gatos and the surrounding areas. Dr. Cristina Herrera treats mild to complex cases, is skilled in the most advanced orthodontic techniques and experienced in Phase One early intervention procedures. Our dentist is committed to maximizing her patients’ comfort as well as the efficacy of their treatment.

Braces in Los Gatos with Multi Loop Edgewise Arch Wire (MEAW)

Dr. Herrera believes in offering the best methods of straightening teeth and correcting bite issues. This is why she uses the MEAW or Multi Loop Edgewise Arch Wire process. This approach is more effective, faster, and can even correct some bite issues that otherwise would have required surgery. While it treats severe cases of malocclusion, it can also treat milder cases faster and more comfortably.

Los Gatos Community Dental’s orthodontic services can quickly and effectively correct the following dental issues:

  • Crowding
  • Gaps or Spacing Issues
  • Narrow Palate
  • Malocclusions Including Underbite, Over-bite, Cross-bite, and Open-bite

Quality Orthodontic Care in Los Gatos with No Cost Second Opinions  

Dr. Herrera is dedicated to delivering quality care and offers second opinions for orthodontic treatment in Los Gatos at no cost if you are unsure about your choices and want to know more about our innovative MEAW technique.

We also offer ceramic brackets for a more discreet look.

Phase One Early Orthodontic Intervention at Los Gatos Community Dental

Detecting orthodontic issues early is important and beneficial to your child. If Dr. Herrera sees a concerning pattern of dental development, she will discuss her findings and recommendations with you. There may be crooked teeth emerging or a narrow palate that can cause crowding in the near future. By addressing these concerns while your child is young and the jaw and palate flexible, you can often spare them more invasive procedures such as surgery or a prolonged length of time wearing braces in their teens. In some cases, early intervention can help prevent the need for future braces altogether.

This early intervention can include the following

Palatal Extenders – to gently widen a small or narrow palate to accommodate permanent emerging teeth

Space Maintainers – to keep adjacent teeth from shifting into spaces where permanent teeth will eventually grow

Short Course of Braces – to correct early misalignment affecting the proper emergence of permanent teeth and to correct bite issues while the jaw is still malleable.

Retainers – to hold teeth in the correct position after braces as other permanent teeth continue to emerge.

Phase One Early Orthodontic Intervention is an excellent way to help your child achieve a straighter smile and avoid costlier and more invasive treatment in the future.

Learn More About Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

For more information about your new options for fast and effective braces in Los Gatos, or to learn about Early Orthodontic Intervention, call Dr. Cristina Herrera today!


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