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Learn more about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Los Gatos


Do you suffer from:

  • frequent headaches?
  • tension in the region of the head, throat or neck?
  • pain or disorders of the jaw joints and or ears?
  • Noises in the jaw joints?
  • problems closing your teeth properly?

These problems can be related to your teeth.

Dynamic occlusion plays a significant role for the long-term success of dental treatment.  Chipping of restorations, relapse of orthodontic treatment, muscle and joint pain are the results poorly positioned teeth and mandibular position.  Our concepts are based on the principles of function, occlusion and cranio-mandibular system according to the research and concepts of Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, Vienna, Austria.


Treatment can only begin with a thorough evaluation and Diagnosis.

We begin with a clinical functional analysis.  A detailed initial interview will be followed by an examination to evaluate the functional state and interaction of teeth, musculature and and the jaw joints. 

Based on the clinical examination we determine further diagnostic steps:

  • models of upper andd lower teeth
  • model transfer into a device simulating the masticatory system
  • registration and analysis of individual lower jaw movements
  • evaluation of the contact between the upper and lower teeth
  • x-ray analysis of the geometry of the skull (cephalometric analysis)

Therapy options may include occlusal splint therapy (night guard), orthodontic corrections and reconstruction of single teeth, teeth groups or of the complete masticatory system.  Accompanying interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic measures are also recommended (e.g. physiotherapy)



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